On the Quest for Health ::: Vulnerability – Love – Balance

Link til tilmelding her: https://www.goetheanum.org/en/on-the-quest-for-health

We cordially invite you to our upcoming international conference at the Goetheanum from 5–9 October 2022.

This year, the focus will be on the interprofessional interface fields with medicine, nursing and therapeutic services.
This includes all areas of a healthy, mindful and valuable life – for individuals, communities and the inclusive living and social space.
Awareness of connecting all of our capabilities and activities to be able to build a resilient healthy world community will be the focus.

What can you look forward to?

  • Working groups around a contemporary anthroposophical medical, therapeutic and nursing approach and with a holistic understanding of salutogenesis in the professional field of inclusive social work.
  • Two lectures framing the conference.
  • Interdisciplinary panel discussions on the three areas of vulnerability, love and balance.
  • Translations in eight languages.
  • Contemplative spaces during the active lunch break.
  • One person with and one without support needs can attend the conference together with the discounted tandem ticket.
  • Vegan meals so that as many people as possible can eat together.
  • As it stands today: present and digital formats.
  • Folk dance to dance together, eurythmy performance and pantomime to watch!

If you would like to as for financial support and/or need visa invitation letters , please use the application form.